Leather and Venice Lace

Approximate size before processing is 4″ x 4″ although the pelt will determine shape. The leather is hand dyed in vivid colors and sometimes patterns (if we’re lucky). The leather is soft, supple and wafer thin. You can costume with it and it drapes like fabric due to the thinness of the pelts. This is enough to make one inch “wearable” elf shoes and hats. You have to try it to realize just how fine it really is.

Venice Lace

All of our Venice lace is hand painted. We take the time to paint the lace to give it the maximum color options. While all Venice laces can be cut at the junctures, we choose only those that give many options and lend themselves to being cut to fit. We paint them accordingly. Our philosophy is to cut and manipulate to fit the application; it is not limited to how it was manufactured.