Metallic Tissue Silk and Silk Velvet

Metallic Tissue Silk (MTS)

MTS approximate size is 4″ x 36″. Hand dyed metallic fibers on a pleated silk gauze base. This fabric is the “bling” piece in the ensemble. It glints and sparkles, is very lightweight and can be layered in a costume without adding bulk. It drapes beautifully and the colors shimmer through the metallic fibers. Fantasy costuming always benefits with the addition of Metallic Tissue Silk.

Silk Velvet

Approximate size before processing is 7″ x 22″. Hand painted silk chiffon and rayon velvet. There is nothing softer and more resplendent than silk velvet. Unlike most velvet made with other fibers, silk velvet never appears heavy or overwhelming. It is fine enough for even the miniature doll costumer. For that application, use the silk velvet as a fitted accent and costume the rest of your project with lighter fibers. The effect is pure opulence. The color combinations on the velvet are spectacular.