Pull Ribbons, Humble Cheesecloth and Curly Ribbon

Pull Ribbons

Sold in packages containing 12 yards of color coordinated ribbon.

All of our ribbons in this collection can be gathered by carefully pulling one of the lengthwise threads. That is a tremendous time saver when you are costuming a doll and it yields a finer, more uniform gather. Woven ribbons are not made much these days. As a result many of the ribbons in this collection are vintage. Use these ribbons at cuffs and collars, headpieces, shoes, waists and/or anyplace else you want to add some texture and color.

Humble Cheesecloth

Approximate size before processing is 8″ x 12″. Humble cheesecloth becomes anything but humble when it is a hand painted. All that texture and color are fabulous when used in settings or costuming. Forest scenes, underwater settings and fairy habitats are particularly good candidates for cheesecloth. Use it as the first layer and then embellish further. It drapes and wraps around doll torsos and setting structures beautifully adding no weight or bulk.

Curly Ribbon

Approximately 2 yard pieces. This hand painted rayon ribbon is one of the most versatile ribbons available. You can pull a thread to gather or iron and wrap on a doll or structure. When used “au natural”, the ribbon curls and pleats speak for themselves. Each piece has a myriad of color hues and no two pieces are ever alike. It’s perfect embellishment ribbon for scrap bookers, doll makers, art quilters, textile and mixed media artists.