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dancing frog

Hello there!

Good to be back finally.  Long Covid year but it did give us the time we needed to revamp our web site.  In addition to our newly designed web site, we have an Etsy site for listing our art work.  We have links on the web site to take you directly to Etsy or you can find us at Etsy.com, vegasairsstudio.  For those of you who have questions about our hand dyed silks, we have added an informational page that talks about each fabric with examples of how we have used each one.   There are also some “freebie” tutorials of projects we are asked frequently to demonstrate.

We are having trouble getting our favorite glue, Grrrip, from the manufacturer.  As I’m sure everyone has experienced recently, many products are out of stock at stores with no definite return date available.  Our Grrrip supplier is awaiting formula components before Grrrip is back in production.  Hopefully, our wait will be a short one

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